The role of an auditor is to be a trusted agent for the capital market, legal owners, employees, public authorities and creditors. An auditor serves as the steward of the general public‘s interests. This position of trust is crucial to the value of the services we provide.

As auditors, we have valuable knowledge about our clients‘ business activities, and this knowledge is continually updated to reflect new developments in ever changing framework conditions. In a climate of increasingly complex business enterprises, we are important consultants for management.
"Auditors are the trusted agents
for business entrepreneurs and the general public,
as well as a resource for undertakings"

Our auditing methods are the platform for an efficient, business-oriented audit. It is planned, designed and built in close cooperation with the client. Our goal is to acquire a comprehensive understanding of all external and internal factors affecting your particular line of business, along with strategies, important processes and outcome achievement. Risk analysis and expertise in registering economic events are important factors in our work.

To properly analyse and assess risks, we survey businesses and processes, including a review of your company‘s checks and control system. Auditing is based on an assessment of probability and consequences.

To fulfil the purpose of an audit and to properly perform the role of auditor, an auditor must observe not only the provisions of auditing legislation, but also strict ethical principles that govern the professional tasks and duties of auditors.

These basic ethical principles comprise:
  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional competence and diligence
  • Professional behaviour
  • Observance of professional standards
We apply state-of-the-art auditing tools kept up-to-date and maintained by The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants. This ensures high quality and keeps us continually updated in terms of new accounting requirements.

Our qualified extra services make us the optimal partner in business.
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